Thursday, 5 July 2012

So Here's the first post!

Here is too a new Blog!
First, a little bit about me. My Name is Michael and I live in Bristol. I work at Beaverbrooks the jewellers and that is where I started my collection.
I've been collecting Trollbeads since Friday 13th August 2010 (Thanks Nic for having an amazing memory!) and here is my story from the Trollbeads website (Please note it was Published in August 2011, so is a little out of date, I will do a new one soon - but think you would rather hear about other Trollbead stuff for now):

My Trollbeads obsession started last August.  Having discovered these charm beads whilst working briefly in the Cribbs Causeway branch of Beaverbrooks  I found that I kept thinking about them.  Then, with the help of Rachael, Beaverbrooks Cribbs resident Trollbeads expert, I managed to catch the contagious Trollbeads bug! I was only going to have a black leather bracelet with a few silver beads on it but my collection has grown (usually on payday) to hold 30 beads, 2 leather bracelets and 1 silver one.
Michael Nand's gorgeous Trollbeads on leather
Trollbeads Moon Ocean
Particular favourites of mine are Moon Ocean because it has so many colours in it and I love the way the light hits it and it almost seems to change into a different bead. I love the way the deep blue is really contrasted by the 22ct gold in the Throat Chakra too.
If I had to choose my favourite silver beads they would be Tower (which I have bought twice as I lost the first one). It’s simple but still rather bold. Unity also gets a lot of comments as it is not completely clear what it is to start with and the meaning behind it is really lovely. Planet small was one of the first beads I bought so that has a special place in my collection and although not everybody likes Chick I think he is really cute (it helps that he is the closest thing to a penguin – so far!). I also love looking through the Trollbeads coffee table book,  ‘An Icon in Jewellery Design – Trollbeads’ as it makes the beads all the more special knowing about the Trollbeads family and how the beads are made.
Trollbeads Milky Way
My next beads will hopefully *hint* be Milky Way (to build on the blue theme) and I’m rather fond of Angels Feathers and Treasures – just because there is so much detail in them. I am also looking forward to November when I turn 21 as Nic, my partner has bought me a Gold Spacer which was released in the year of my birth and is now retired. I’m also really looking forward to seeing the new Autumn collection on 26th August and what other limited edition beads come from the 35th birthday of Trollbeads.  Also getting my hands on Rolling Waves on 19th August!
Working for Beaverbrooks is a real blessing and a curse! I get so much pleasure from helping someone take their first steps on their Trollbeads journey, helping them find the right beads to start off their collection and watching their eyes light up in surprise and awe, just as mine did, when they find out that they are all handmade; you suddenly see these tiny pieces of glass and silver in a whole new light – the amount of detail in them is amazing – the animal beads have eyes and fur and emotions!   I also really enjoy helping people choose them as gifts for others. The fact they all have names and meanings make them such an easy but thoughtful gift which can be kept forever and cherished.  Temptation is the curse!
More gorgeous Trollbeads on leather by Michael Nand
If you don’t already get the Trollbeads and Trollbeads universe emails then you really should! I love finding out all the latest news and getting some brilliant inspiration from the beautiful pictures. Also following them on Twitter is a must.  Check out Karen’s creations (or maybe Kreations) on Facebook, My Trollbeads, or bug them with all your Trollbeads related questions, like I do.  Lucy, who we call Tawny the Tweeter (long story), is amazing at getting back to you. They also do special competitions on there too!

Thank you Trollbeads!

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