Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New collection, and my World Tour Challenge!

So I've just pre-ordered the World Tour Beads I've had my eye one. Literally 2 days ago, and then I hear the secret whisper of a new collection. Typical!

Since the world tour collection was released in Denmark I have wanted a World Tour Bracelet with at least one bead from every country.

So I already have 2 thanks to our Visit to Fable.

Star Spangled Bead - Because I'm Obsessed with Stars
Stars shine bright through fireworks of red, white and blue, the inspiration for Francis Scott Key’s “The Star-Spangled Banner,” a poem written in 1814 that now stands as America’s national anthem.

Garden Gnome - He is cute and reminds me of going to the Isle of Wight on family holidays and seeing the garden near the Needles with all the gnomes in it

25 million in Germany alone, these popular but controversial little creatures often find themselves in the centre of a heated debate on good or bad taste! In an act of support The Garden Gnome Liberationists are known to kidnap them and send them on trips around the world!

The ones I have Just ordered:

From Denmark, The Viking Ship - I have always loved the way this bead sits out the sides of the bracelet and reminds me of the theme park rides!

A great design that our ancestors adventurously travelled the world with. Let it quietly roll about on your arm.

From Italy, The Spaghetti because I adore Spaghetti, and it again reminds me of childhood.

Spaghetti is an icon of Italian cuisine and a symbol of the Italian spirit.  An essential ingredient for your bracelet.

From Holland, The windmill, again to signify the windmill I went to as a child were I ground the corn to make wheat and then made Roti with it!

A mill is a simple and valuable tool used in a variety of industries. It can be used to manufacture flour, oil and paint, to saw wood or pump water. A mill can be operated by wind, water, electricity, or by animal or human power. Mills have a great historical-cultural value in the Dutch landscape, they bring nature, industry, and architecture together.

From Africa, Drum Beat. I wanted African Pride but Nic got there before me! I do Love the patterning to the Drum Beat and the idea behind using it for special celebrations.

In Africa, drums served as an early form of long-distance communication, and today are used on ceremonial and religious occasions.

From the Baltic States, Mushroom Family. This is because of Mario. Nuff said!
A cosy mushroom family tightly snuggled together. They remind us of how precious family is and how important it is to have someone in life to lean on.

From Switzerland, Mountain Crystal. Love how the light shines through this bead and it goes well with UK Colours Bead and Star Spangled Bead.

 This sparkling mountain crystal reminds us of Swiss glaciers where the ice never melts. The “mountain crystal” is known for its universal healing powers.

From Austria. Wiener Melange. Because it is a tea cup (my Tipple) and huge (I can only drink tea out of a Mug. My mug at home holds 5 cups!)
Taste Vienna! Have a traditional Wiener Melange - the local variety of coffee – in one of Vienna’s many legendary coffee houses.

From Japan. The Sacred House, which reminds me of the Disney film Mulan which I love (Disney Freak here (next collection please Trollbeads!))
An old fashioned wooden cottage in Japan. Here people come to pray for their wishes to come true, pray for finding a good match, or pray for fortune and a good life.

From China, Chinese Auspicious Everyone needs Luck!

"Yu" "Yi" "Guck" "Cher". The first two Chinese words mean your wish and the last two are lucky and peace. If you want to express the best blessing during Chinese New Year to someone, just say "Yu" "Yi" "Guck" "Cher".

The Australian Collection was the hardest to choose from because it's the only country in the tour I have visited and I have family who live there. I wanted the Barrier Reef to remind me of going to the Gold Coast with my Uncle Brian and Grandma. Kangaroo and Joey to remind me of going up a hill in Canberra with my Cousins and getting really close to the real life Kanga's! I decided to go with Sydney Harbour as I can still remember how in awe I was of the opera house and the scale (and bravery of those climbing) the Harbour Bridge!

Sydney Harbour with its magnificent opera house and iconic bridge. Vibrant and spectacular, Sydney Harbour is the most beautiful harbour in the world, the heartbeat of Australia’s biggest city.

I have yet to buy my UK beads (UK Colours and English Tea Party) as I'm now bankrupt from all those purchases!

Sorry again for the long post but it is just too exciting!

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