Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Look at these beauties!

So, as promised I have asked a customer if I could take some pictures of her amazing collection and she agreed. She has 3 bracelets (The pictures of her springtime pink and green bracelet are blurry, sorry) and loves her limited edition beads.

This is her Red, White and Blue bracelet with the Pushchair from the 30th anniversary of Trollbeads Bracelet, the RAF Benevolent Fund Bead and the Blooming Sakura, Star Spangled Bead and Welsh Loovespoon from the world tour. She also has the really limited tulip (I really want one of those!)

She also told me about her newest acquisition the Strawberries Splitter Bead that she had bought from Beaverbrooks in the sale with a massive £80 off!

This is her 'Furry Bracelet' with some really lovely animal tones. A good balance of the dark browns and the creamy whites (Note the limited edition Christmas bead, a couple along from the Black Spinel Tassel) I particularly love the Tigers Eye towards the end (another hint!). And the Bead at the end that looks like the Summer bead, has some amazing colours on it, is amazing, so good that I took a close up of it below! (Anyone know what it is?)

Hope you enjoyed her collection as much as we loved chatting about it. Let me know your thoughts and let me know what the mystery bead is!

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