Saturday 28 July 2012

Inspired by True Events

So Thursday was crazy busy at work. So busy I had to work an extra four and a half hours! (that's why this post is a day late, sorry)
I decided not to wear any beads yesterday (shocking I know) but I usually wear them everyday and I'm starting to find that I keep making bracelets to wear that look very similar. To try and get the creativity flowing again I decided to use our stock to make some new combinations inspired by my colleagues. So I'm proud to present...
*Imaginary drum roll*
The Sara, The Paula, The Adam and The Sue!

So let's start at the start as that's a very good place to start.

Sara got married yesterday to the lovely Scott (congrats again!) And for a while we have been joking that her wedding was sponsored by Beaverbrooks - her engagement and both their wedding bands, Sara's gift to Scott and all the bridesmaids were from our store. Sara has only been collecting Trollbeads since January and so we have been talking about the kind of look she wants from her bracelet. (which is now full thanks to our visit for Fable Trading)

Taking inspiration from that, purple - the colour of her wedding and crisp whites to reflect the sun and brighten the colour pallet here is the bracelet I have made:

Pearls are traditional for a wedding so triple pearl had to be used! The faceted rose quartz sparkles to add a bit if glamour whilst working the pink colours into the mix, it works really well with the lavender stripe which adds subtle colour (Sorry they look blue in the picture, you'll just have to come to the store to see them!). Whirling adventure is a stunning bead with all its different colours and textures. I also used Welsh Lovespoons (the wedding was in Wales) and Heart Ball as the silver beads. I hope Sara likes it!

Paula was visiting our Head Office for a selection day for some training, so I thought I could make a bracelet for luck, using a Black Leather Bracelet for a different look. Amazonite, Green Flower Mosaic and Mixed Green Armadillo to represent the lucky green of a Shamrock.
Lucky Knot and Lucky Dragon, again for luck and a Troll Fairy to carry it on her wings to Blackpool. Even the Knot Lock represented crossed fingers! It must of worked, because Paula is at stage two of selection!

Next up the Adam, this time its a necklace. Of course, Adam wouldn't wear it, but it's inspired by his obsession with Blue!
I started off with the deep blues of Silver Trace, Blue and Milky Way (chosen by Adam!) Matched that up with 2 Beach Beads and a Palm Island. We often leave our display necklaces there, but we wanted to add a splash more colour so added the bright green Earth and Peter. Three is the magic number so added an Ocean and Treasures (playing on the Beachy theme!) and Light Green Flower and Forest Anemones. I wanted these to not be right next to the blues so moved them up the chain using Two Stoppers.

I love Blue Stripe so had to add Two of those, and then decided to add Turquoise Armadillo and Turquoise Bubbles to Bridge the gap between the blue and green. Adam suggested that we use two more stoppers on those. Here's the end result:

Finally the Sue, this one came about because She helped create the Sara! It's inspired by her collection of Striped beads. But instead of being on a Bracelet they are on a Fantasy Necklace.

We used Green Stripe, Coral Stripe and my fave Organic Stripe. The Trollbead Coin acts a brilliant table just above the Necklace's Pearl and adds a lovely dimension and the Lotus Flower finishes off the Necklace with a beautiful Point.
I hope you like the designs I created, Feel free to leave a few comments, would love to hear what you thought!

Sorry it's such a long post. I promise the next will be shorter!

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  1. Love the ideas and stories behind the combinations! Good read and great photos!