Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Massive Thanks!

I just wanted to give everyone who reads this a really really really big thank you.

In the time I have not been blogging I have had 900 views and am now almost at 2200 views. It blows my mind to think that anyone cares about what I have to say!

I would give you all a big hug if I could!

Thank you again,

I promise I won't neglect you again!xx

Yellow/Blue... Worth the Wait?

First off I have to apologise for the delay in updating this blog, I have missed blogging but life has been a bit complicated recently. Luckily I am back now and ready to make up for lost time!

I thought it was time I shared a Yellow/Blue combo that I made up a few weeks ago, but have hardly worn.
I bought quite a few beads especially for this combo which is something I have never done before (usually I design from what I already have. And I buy the beads that Jump out at me!)

This bracelet was designed around the limited edition Bavaria bead that Nic bought me from Jools. I used the brightest yellow bead (That I bought from Caboodle in the summer) next to it and that is where the design came from. Mix that with a few of my world tour silver beads and they you have it!

I hope you like the combo!

PS. Look at how I used much fewer words than normal! I'm letting the pictures do the talking!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Halloween Halloween Halloween!

The Halloween Beads are here!

The first bead is a really spooky but sweet (if that's possible) spider. The chain goes through the legs and It hangs upside down when you wear it because of the weight of the body. £37 is the UK retail price

The next bead is a really really cute Pumpkin which has been carved out like a Jack-O-Lantern. As always Trollbeads have added lots of detail to their beads, the mouth is a Bat shaped! This bead is £45 RRP
The last bead I am most excited about! It's called Inner Glow. In the day it looks like a normal creamy/green coloured bead. But at night... IT GLOWS!!!
This is not strictly true as it it glows in the day and you can see the slight green colour, but I love the bead. This one is £35

I have never been so excited for Halloween in my life!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

eBay Part 2

Whist I was being very bad on eBay I might have bought a few beads from a retailer who only sells uniques. I bid on quite a few beads, set my max bid, and ended up with 6 (oops!). 

Here they are:

Yellow Checkerboard bead to go with my Bavaria bead when it arrives.

Blue spotty bead reminds me of the turtles from Finding Nemo, because of the blue of the sea as the background and the big eyes like they have.
A white and blue bead to match a yellow one I have
Green bead as I want to start collecting a few more greens, although Nic has his eye on this bead too.
Blue patterned bead which has the same base as the Nemo bead, may end up in my swap pile.
White with blue spots, which is my fave out of all of them!
I know it’s a bit much to buy so many at the same time, it was an accident and I did save over £100 on the RRP! So I’m trying not to feel to bad about it. I have now banned myself from eBay for a while! I’m hoping that because I got so many different one’s I may start being a bit more adventurous with my bracelet combinations