Thursday, 4 October 2012

Halloween Halloween Halloween!

The Halloween Beads are here!

The first bead is a really spooky but sweet (if that's possible) spider. The chain goes through the legs and It hangs upside down when you wear it because of the weight of the body. £37 is the UK retail price

The next bead is a really really cute Pumpkin which has been carved out like a Jack-O-Lantern. As always Trollbeads have added lots of detail to their beads, the mouth is a Bat shaped! This bead is £45 RRP
The last bead I am most excited about! It's called Inner Glow. In the day it looks like a normal creamy/green coloured bead. But at night... IT GLOWS!!!
This is not strictly true as it it glows in the day and you can see the slight green colour, but I love the bead. This one is £35

I have never been so excited for Halloween in my life!

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