Sunday, 8 July 2012

How I Met Trollbeads [Take 2]

Funny thing, time. I created my ‘How I met Trollbeads’ post last August but it seems like yesterday. When I started this blog I thought I could just use that as my first blog entry but when I read through it again I realised how out of date it was. So here is.

How I Met Trollbeads. [Take 2]

So I’ve been collecting Trollbeads for almost 2 years now. Time has really flown! My collection now holds 48 Glass beads, 12 Amber beads, 17 Silver beads with my same 2 Leather bracelets (Black and Blue – they have both worn to look almost the same) and a silver bracelet. It’s a collection I’m really proud of.
I gave up on attempting to wear all my beads at once quite a while ago, since before my last blog, which is why I only have the three bracelets. I would like a different colour leather bracelet – maybe red or green but at the minute the beads are luring me in too much! It also suits me to not have so many bracelets as I get bored way to easily so end up swapping my beads around all the time anyway. Nic hates it as it usually happens when we are supposed to be leaving the house to go out somewhere!

I am trying to cut down on the beads I buy and only get the limited edition ones but there are just so many lovely beads to own. Maybe a second job is needed! :) The newest beads to my collection are of course the ones I won at Fable, but before that it was the bargain that was the Turquoise Striped Agate Kit as they were 40% off! They vary massively mine are bright with brown stripes, one has a bit of something sparkly in it and another is part translucent.

And Nic bought me Fireflies and Flower Clouds to match the shirt to his brother’s wedding and I have bought Owl because I love all the detailing to it, it is lovely to look at all the feathers and is comforting to rub his little belly! I have also bought the Magician because it is retired and I love that he is coming out his hat with the rabbit under his arm.

I’m really lucky to now own Milky Way and Treasures, but have yet to own Angel Feathers. Trollbeads retired a whole host of beads that I need to buy up quick so I don’t miss out – they have already sold out of Jellyfish :( and they keep having new collections too!

Speaking of new collections I am so excited that the WorldTour Collection is available in the UK for a short while – since they launched those 18 months ago I have said I would love a world tour bracelet with at least one bead per country. The only problem with this plan (apart from cost) is that most of the beads I would like are silver so the bracelet would be really unbalanced. I think I need to rethink my wish list! I’d like to hear any ideas you have!

I still really enjoy working for Beaverbrooks, and helping people start their collections off, but the best thing is seeing what amazing journeys people take with their bracelets and the ideas they have and the ways they put together beads I would never think of. Having customers come in again and again filling us in on their exciting news and showing off their new acquisitions is brilliant. And a great way to steal all their ideas!

Whilst at Fable we heard that there is a couple of exciting announcements over the next couple of months, I hope they wait long enough so that I can save up a few pennies as I know I will like way too many beads from the new collection!

So that’s you all up-to-date with my collection. Although I’m sure it will grow again soon (I will try to order my World Tour Beads as soon as I can, a few have sold out already! Luckily Fable will hopefully be ordering a few more if Denmark have any!) I'm also considering buying a leather necklace to wear with only a couple of beads on, but I'm not sure if it would suit me or not.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!x

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  1. it is really good mike! i like the world tour beads!! hint hint!!!