Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Airports

I didn't want to wear any jewellery at the airport in case i had to take it off for the scanner (does silver make the machine go off) and then forget it, I always stress that I will lose something, and almost lost my mobile... on the plane! 

So instead of pictures of beads, how about a couple from the runway:

My plane from Heathrow to Calgary
Calgary airport which is undergoing a redevelopment but has these fun / weird carousel displays and massive GE sponsorship, which tickled me, as Tristan works for GE in Bristol.

They seem to really like horses in Calgary, there were a few sculptures of them around the airport (I had 3 hours to wander around!). the second is like a traditional stone sculpture made by the First Nation people and the last is a moose made out of bags

And finally Vancouver:


Vancouver is big on Canadian heritage and has lots of iconography in the airport.

Let’s not forget my first TIM HORTONS!!! (of this trip)

Not all of these were mine!

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  1. You probably could have worn your leather bracelet. Think it would have been okay. It depends on how sensitive they have the machines set to. Although I did have to take off a gold bangle once. It was a thicker bangle, so perhaps. But in general I haven't needed to take off jewelry (I tend to wear fairly thin ones). Can't speak for TB since I haven't traveled since starting the european bracelets. :) That last picture makes me wish for one while I'm stuck at my desk here at work. lol