Saturday, 16 August 2014

Day Three: Shopping (Again!)

Black leather, Unity, Strawberry Stripes, Christmas in Australia, 
Tormulated Quartz, Sparkling Star
Today was a fairly quiet day, so I decided to try and match my beads with my clothes! I made use of the black leather with Unity and Sparkling Star as I love their shape, and they are fairly even size wise (Sparkling star is heavier as Unity is hollow) along with Christmas in Australia, the debut outing for my Strawberry Stripes and finally Tormulated Quartz to make sure I had an odd number of beads(it also went with the grey of my chinos!). I think that an odd number looks better when it comes to design of a bracelet.

And with the sun hitting the glass beads
Stripy beads are a favourite of mine and the Strawberry Stripes was bought in a retailer closing sale. It has stripes of red, coral beige, grey and white and a clear overlay. I would love to have the Beach ball too, but then again my wishlist is never ending!

Today consisted of a trip to Target that I was far, far too excited for. Spending a lot of my life on lifestyle blogs like (Click for links to respective blogs) 17 Apart, OhHappy Day, Almost makes perfect and Shanty to Chic you see a lot of use for things bought in Target. Unfortunately Target is relatively new to Canada and not doing so well as they aren’t cheap like in the US. I didn’t let this put me off though as I was on the hunt for Mason Jars for storage (and Craft) and as a gift for the lovely Fi (have a look at her Etsy Shop!) who was being me (at work) while I was away. It turned out to be a bit like M&S mixed with TK Maxx and I thought it was quite cheap. They sell literally anything you can think of, so I spent quite a lot of time in here!
Grace was taken with this Punny stationery collection, and I found lots of Jars!

After this we went to a few Indian shops to look for jewellery for my mum and sister to wear to my cousins wedding. I loved the vibrant colours and variety of products. I haven’t been to an Indian shop in so long so it was nice to have a wonder around. It made me wonder what a really eclectic bracelet might look like?

So many different styles and colours of earrings

Boxes and boxes of ribbon!

Raksha Bandhan Bracelets 

And finally we ended the day with a bit of family time!

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