Sunday, 17 August 2014

Day Four: Shannon Falls and Squamish.

Sparkling Star, Milky Way, Mountain Crystal, The Eye
Today we went on a day trip to the old mining town of Squamish. On the way we stopped at Shannon falls and explored around Britannia Mining Museum (Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go in) I went with a simple blue bracelet, with Mountain Crystal because we would be driving through the mountains. I also broke my rule of odd numbers on a bracelet, I think that a few like this looks pretty good too!
Love how moody the clouds look over the mountain!

Bulrushes in the pond in the car park
of the Mining Museum
Lots of Gemstones at the Mining Museum

Jade Bears. East Asia meets Canada!

Wanted to run across here!

A beautiful old Post Office!

First Nation Wall decorations
Shannon falls. I heard it was the largest
waterfall in British Columbia

Mum enjoying the view

and Joe too!

Selfie Time!

No Zoom on this picture, you can follow a path quite
 close and then trek the rest of the way to the top!
In Squamish, found a friend!
and his hotel!

A frame shop, covered in wood!
My first ever Slurpee, felt like I
was on the Simpsons!

Some of Niraj's Wedding
presents wrapped
Bet you can't guess the theme!

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