Monday, 18 August 2014

Day Five: Travel to Edmonton

*You might want to go and make a cup of tea now... there are lots of pictures today!*

Today we travelled from Vancouver to Edmonton, a 12 hour trip without stops... Don’t worry we definitely stopped!

Today I just expanded on yesterday’s bracelet with Henry (silver Owl bead) this might be classed as cheating on my mission to make different combinations, but we left early – and I am definitely not a morning person!

The rest of the post it just pictures of how beautiful the view was...

First View of a Mountain, about 5 minutes from home!

(Iced) Coffee Break! :D

Worlds longest trains are all in Canada

The water looked so refreshing, especially when it was 36'c outside

Old barns, felt like I was in a Western

And then I wanted white water raft!

Stopped by the river (might have dipped my toes in)


Waterfall through the trees

Moose Lake

My feet... in Moose Lake

Jasper National Park

Jasper Village

Words of Wisdom


And the sun was setting at we rolled into Edmonton

Straight to work when we got in making Indian Sweets for the Wedding

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  1. Did you help make the Indian sweets or did you help eat it mostly? Looks good!