Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Something Old, Something New

Having read Mars guest blog from Pauline I knew I really had to join the Trollbead forum so I joined Trollbeads Gallery Forum, and now Nic thinks I’m really obsessed. There are some really lovely people (mainly Ladies) on there, from all over the world. They have some really amazing collections, I thought I had a lot of beads, but it is nothing compared to some of these awesome collections. It’s worth joining just to ogle the pictures and steal their ideas for yourself!

Anyhoo, whilst on there I noticed a Group all about swapping beads, I have a Kimono Kit from which I only want 2 beads so I thought this was a great place to get some beads that I did want. I posted an entry to say that I had some beads I wanted to swap and a lovely lady called Julie said she would swap with me. After a few negations (mainly because I didn’t know what I wanted) we decided 2 of my beads for a Snowflake Obsidian and the retired silver Sandi. I was a bit worried that I would post my beads and never receive any in exchange, it goes a bit against human nature to trust a complete stranger, but I need not have worried as the next day my beads arrived with a lovely little card. I love my beads, the Sandi bead is a better match to Feather as it sits closer to the bracelet and is about the same width, than Love Within. The snowflake Obsidian is amazing with not just black and grey but also hints of brown in it. It goes really well with my Jasper beads too.
The next day I got a message from Amanda (with the silver Smiley bead) saying she would like to swap one with me and I got this amazing Harlequin bead. It’s greeny/blue and see through yellow (which is a colour I am starting to collect a few more of)

They are on my bracelet combo with a few of my eBay purchases too:

I have a Mermaid, Fairy and a Kimono bead to swap, or sell, if anyone is interested!x

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