Tuesday, 18 September 2012

It's all about Storage!

So as any Trollbead collector knows you get a bit carried away with buying some lovely beads and before you know it you have more beads then your bracelet can hold. And then you have to find something to hold them that means they wont get scratched, lost or forgotten (the last one is unlikely I know!)

Trollbeads do a Stacking Case which is great for keeping your beads all categorised in it's little pockets and has space for a bead in the bottom tier. They have also just released a really beautiful Acrylic jewellery box which is bigger and has space for more beads, with little rungs and space for any bracelets you have created, and a bit lifts out for more beads to go into!

My collection is kept nice and safe on a Mini Abacus which you can also now buy from Trollbeads. I got mine from EBay from a independent retailer before they were being sold by Trollbeads. Sometimes it put it into colour order, but I change my bracelet so often it doesn't stay that way for long. This is its current configuration:

It seems I have filled that too! (oops!) and also I needed space for my bracelets to go somewhere safe. As you may know I love all things homewares (yes I'm cool) and like things that are a bit unusual too! Whilst in Birmingham I visited one of my new favourite shops Muji. They are a Japanese company and I love their Philosophy, Sustainable materials, simple design, less packaging, and 'No Brand Quality' Read it properly here. Anyway, whilst I was having a (very long) browse I came across their new Clear Storage Collection. 
This is cool I thought. And then I found this:

And then I thought that it would be perfect for my Trollbeads! The multi-slot side for more beads and the bigger side for bracelets to sit in.
They also do these bits, which I shall be buying next!

They are really affordable and look brilliant all stacked up together. What's even better is that these smaller trays fit perfectly under my Abacus (They do larger variations and ones with lids not drawers (There are loads of them. See Here

So this is what the corner of my living room looks like now: Silver Cloth for cleaning, Our special boxes (well one is mine, the bottom two are Nic's)

I would say they are really worth a look.

Ps all pictures of the cases are amaturely stolen from www.muji.eu

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  1. I really need more storage, I've very quickly outgrown the stacking case... *must* stop buying beads at such a rate!