Saturday, 8 September 2012


*disclaimer: writing this while walking to work so typeo's and spelling mistakes may occur*
This last week I have had a few people ask about gold Trollbeads, to be honest, I think they are very expensive for the amount if gold you get. The reason for the price is because working with gold to make something that detailed is a lot more difficult and takes a lot longer than silver.
But this last week I've also been lucky enough to look at, no admire, gold lucky knot and Heart bouquet (exclusive in gold) they are both absolutely stunning!!

Lucky knot gold works really well because it's polished and not oxidised like its silver counterpart, so light sparkles right back off it at all the differing angles.

Bouquet of hearts is really beautiful too. It's like the slightly smaller opposite to Heart ball. It's hearts are almost cut outs and it gives it a really lovely look, like Mesh or Ornamental when you can see the bracelet through it. Bouquet of hearts isn't quite round, more rugby ball shaped so it sits closer to the size of the glass beads.

And so the Beaverbrooks Curse has struck again! I really really really would love a few gold beads! (waiting until someone I know wins the lottery!) I personally would buy a silver chain (as you can't see it when full, and when you can through the likes if mesh then the dark silver highlights the bright gold. I would then have gold stoppers and a few gold beads spread with lots of glass beads in either royal blue, or creamy colours to pick up on the gold. I'm sure a few silver/gold beads would look perfect on here too!
So if anyone is feeling generous... :-D


  1. I think Daisy is my favourite silver and gold bead, but I would love to have planet in silver and gold, or 2+2 (eek on price). Less bothered about the gold trollbeads but then I've only seen photos!

    1. I love the silver and gold ones. They add another level to a bracelet. I buy one every year for Nic for his birthday. So far he has Sea Lion and Nightingale and I've bought next years! I've bought myself Space for winning the award for giving the best customer service in our store last year!

      Would like a few more though!

    2. Aw that's a nice idea, extra special beads for birthdays :) I think Space actually works better in the silver and gold combination, I love the contrast!

      The nicest use of gold I've seen to date was a golden wreath nestled in with lots of Ambers, it's the lead photo on my "Guest Spot: Pauline" and it's the photo that made me ask her if she'd do a spot for me. I *adore* that photo.

      Will look forward to seeing what you do with any golds you get; as long as you don't tempt me down that path too much... or I really will need a new job to fund that one! I shall endeavour to remain a sideline supporter on that one :)