Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Very Special Bead

Funny story. I wanted to buy Nic the Coffee Table book when we moved into our new house, but we never bought a coffee table for it to go on. Also I already had Mocha so didn't really need the free bead (Although Nic quite liked it as he has now become a Nespresso snob!)
And then Trollbeads released the book with the limited edition Tourmulated Quartz bead which was featured in the book. I really wanted the bead and wanted to get the book so it was brilliant. I still wanted to wait for us to buy a coffee table for it though (that's how you buy furniture right, around your Trollbeads?!)

Anyhoo... When we visited their office I heard about how Sarah and Richard where storing all these Massive Coffee Table book in their little spare room when they first started selling the beads, and I wanted it even more. And then they told me they have sold out and wouldn't be getting any more :'( :'(

On my first trip back to Southampton (where I was born and raised) in 2 years I managed to find a Trollbeads retailer within about 2 minutes of going into the city centre. I think it might be my new skill! Whilst in there they had an advert for the Coffee Table Book, but as I had just spent too much on the world tour beads I decided I would wait until I went back again 2 weeks later and if it was still there it was fate and I deserved it!
Well fate was in my favour! The lovely staff at Picketts and Pursers, and Rosemary the girl who served me were all lovely. They even gave me a little bit off (I think they wanted to get rid of it!) They didn't know a great amount about Trollbeads, but then us collectors are a bit obsessed! I did get a handwritten reciept though, which was rather cute!

Below are a couple of pictures of my lovely Tormulated Quartz, it has 2 big inclusions on one side and one on the other. It also looks a bit cloudy which I love (my Sister said she thought it looked broken)

That's it for now! Thanks for reading my waffle!


  1. Lovely story, I like how you buy furniture around your trollbeads!

    1. Is that not how you make all your decisons? :P

  2. Lol I decide to buy beads *instead* of the furniture... I think I need more balance!