Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Light Blue Shadow

I think it’s time to try something new! I’m going to try something new and review a few beads in the week and then on the weekend make a bracelet up with them. Fingers crossed it works!

The first bead was picked at random by Nic and is the Light Blue Shadow. This bead forms part of the Contemporary kit which was retired in January 2013, but there are still a lot of these about if you wanted the kit or just the LB Shadow bead. 

Within the kit you will find;
Light Blue Shadow, Green Shadow both these beads share the same design – they are clear glass with irregular shapes (mainly oval) holding the colour these seem to be just under the surface of the bead, but higher than the core.
Red Symmetry, Brown Symmetry, Purple Symmetry and Blue Symmetry. These beads feature a translucent core in the particular colour and then rather vibrant squares with a white edge to them.

It was a shame to see this kit be retired as I loved them all, I think that people may have been put off by the eclectic mix of colours, but I think the fact they share similar designs means that they work well together, or you could just use them in 6 different bracelets!

For a colour comparison I have put it next to a few other blue beads. Seeing them together makes the LB Shadow look more white than blue, which put a spanner in the works beacuse I did the text for this blog before the pictures!

This bead would work perfectly on a winter themed bracelet, it feels cool and icy. Being quite neutral hopefully it will work with the other beads picked out this week!

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  1. Great idea, looking forward to see what happens! (like the idea of being kept in suspense)