Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I've had a bit of a case of writers block, so have decided to try a quick little post on my phone to see if that will help! Here's how I took to wearing my new beads from the Trollbead Crawl. They don't really match in a theme, the Tormulated Quartz and Agate Dentric were bought to mirror each other, but I then found the 'Black Braid' that I thought I had sold and had to wear it as I love it!
Silver Mountain goes amazingly with the Quartz and that's where the idea to pair my beads came from!

I had an excuse to wear my new Coral Stripe bead too!

Let me know what you think and if you have anything you'd like me to blog (cheeky hope for inspiration! :P)


  1. Love this bracelet Mike, great idea to do a 2x2, I tried it with a silver bracelet but it's still a "work in progress" from my last bead play session as I have only broken up 1 bracelet so I'm a bit limited on choice of beads.

    I quite like your review-ish styple posts when new pieces from the collections come out; because you have a background in working with Troll you often offer little snippets that make me go "ooh I didn't know/think/realise that".

    I also like seeing your bracelets as I like to see what other people make and how they wear their beads, as it gives me ideas of things to try out with my own (hence copying your "lock at front" way of wearing the chess lock as I never would have considered that without seeing your photo.

    Happy Blogging, always lovely to see a new post!

    1. I look forward to seeing your creation, they always look pretty spectacular!
      As always, I have a few new posts to promise you! :D

  2. Even though you have had writers block, it's still a great post. As mentioned above, seems you come up with imaginative ways to wear your trollbeads! Is that a leather bracelet you are wearing just twisted round? I'd never have thought to try doing something like that!

    1. Thanks Tara! Much appreciated.
      Yeah, it's my normal leather bracelet, but twisting it means all the beads stay in place and it gets a bit tighter.