Tuesday 2 April 2013

I wanna see your Peacock

So following on from the very exciting parcel from Denmark holding my cherished Chess Lock I have to tell you about another very special bead that has had a very long journey. The bead went from Trollbead HQ in Denmark to Rome to Holland and then to me (thank you very much special Troll Fairy!)

This bead (that is amazing) is part of a limited edition collection of Unique beads called Small and Beautiful. There have been 800 kits of 6 beads created, and there are about 27 beads in the collection. Check out this post for a really cohesive list of the beads, with photographs, thanks Leann!

The reason this bead had to make such a long journey was because there was only one retailer in the UK selling these beads and due to their popularity the site crashed!
So... Without further ado here is my Small and Beautiful Peacock Bead!

This bead really appealed to me as it reminds me of my mum who collected Peacock feathers from Fiji when we went to visit family in 1996. It also reminds me of visiting my grandparents who have Peacock feathers in their house.

The beads are much very small (and you can now get some called Big and Beautiful with a Unique core which are normal sized) I tried to find a few beads which were standard sized so you could get an idea of the size so here it is with Amazonite and Blue Agate.

The colours are amazing, I love beads that have lots of colours and details in them; it means that closer you look the more details you can see. I'm afraid the pictures don't do it much justice. 
Here's a side view, I think that lots of these S&Bs have internal bubbles in them, but I don't notice it much when I'm wearing it:

I wanted to showcase my Peacock bead and was in a bit of a rush as I was going to see my family in Birmingham so I picked a few beads and grabbed my leather bracelet and this is what I created. I spaced out the beads with small silvers so that the Peacock doesn’t look too small.
I never wear my leather untwisted so I had to tuck it around itself to keep it tight.

I hope you like it!


  1. I really love this bracelet, it's utterly fabulous, and have to thank you for the inspiration for the lock showing at the front which I have shamelessly copied (and will be crediting you when I eventually blog that particular bracelet).

    Peacock is such a great bead and one I aspire to but have yet to find!

    1. Thanks Mars!

      I'm not sure you need anymore S&Bs :P and I wanted to show it off as you don't get to see locks very often and I love this one!

  2. You took fabulous pictures of your peacock, wow... I think I haven't looked at mine that way. But I love mine as well... Not onluy the peacock but lots of small & beautiful beads are the best ooak release since a long time. I love them... galaxy beads, eye of storm, peacock, ornaments... I think these are absolutely my favorits...