Sunday, 11 November 2012

Jools Jools Jools!

So, for a little while I have wanted to write about a local retailer of mine called Jools. I was a little worried to do so at first as most of the people who read my blog don't live locally and Jools only have 2 stores down the South West. You can follow them on Facebook!

I popped in on Friday and met the most lovely member of staff  in any Jewellers that sells Trollbeads that I have ever met. (Does that even make sense?) The superstar lady was called Denise and I feel she deserves some recognition, along with a gent (who I think owns the business, sorry but I'm rubbish with names!)

Often with Trollbeads collectors our enthusiasm is our biggest enemy, we spend days and weeks drooling over pictures of the beads, studying all the descriptions and planning how our latest design will look (and how many admiring looks we will get as we walk down the road (is that just me?)) that when we actually go into a store we are often more excited by the Beads than the staff, or know a lot more than they do. Sometimes this isn't a problem, but I have noticed that often it means the level of service we receive isn't too great.

I have to be honest and I had heard bad reviews about Jools before I even visited them, but every time I have gone in (and it has been a lot recently, what with IJL, Halloween and Christmas releases) they have been really welcoming, friendly and had really brilliant knowledge of all beads, past and present. They hold a really diverse collection of Retired Beads, Uniques and lots and lots of the core collection.

Friday was the first time I have ever met Denise and she was so friendly we got talking straight away and you could tell that she was genuinely interested in all the rubbish I was rambling at her. We spoke about the Christmas release at length, then we spoke about Uniques and then she told me all about her own amazing collection (including a bead she had made especially for her) and we shared Snails in Love stories. At no point did she try to rush me, or push me, to buy anything and even when other customers came in she carried on speaking to me, even though she knew I wasn't buying anything.

The times before when I had been in Jonathan was again really helpful and patient. Happy to answer any questions I had (and I threw some random questions out there.) I love that they get multiples of the new beads on day of release and replenish them really frequently. Every time I go in they have new stuff to admire (much to Nic's annoyance)

I know this isn't usually what I write about but I felt that amazing customer service needs some recognition, and if you are ever in Bristol make sure you pay them a visit!

Sorry about no pictures - I'll try and update this in a couple of days when I can tell you all about my World Tour Bracelet! But until then enjoy your beads!xx


  1. Nice post, a good encounter in a shop is always lovely, especially if you have staff who understand that you want to be in there looking for some time!

    Knowledge of a diverse collection of ooaks will always pull me into a store if I know I might be anywhere near it one day!

    1. Well you come past Bristol again I can take you!

    2. Lol do you think we'd be able to leave any beads in the shop?!?

  2. complete your post with some inspiring photos :)

    1. I don't have any pictures of Jools for security reasons. sorry! you'll have to imagine it! :-D

  3. Kimberly Campbell20 November 2012 at 02:36

    Lovely post, Michael, and if the people from the store see your post, I am sure they will be appreciative. I know what you mean about sometimes feeling like you know more than the salespeople you talk to and overwhelming them with your enthusiasm. :) Although I must say that all of the employees of the dealer where I usually shop are wonderful. There are several people who are very knowledgable, and even when I've been waited on by other people filling in for them, they have always been very nice and willing to let me play with the beads without any pressure. How nice that you have a wonderful dealer so close to home!