Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Tale of Mickey’s Past.

So I should warn you that I am a bit of a Disney obsessive and am particularly fond of my name sake Mickey Mouse. I think that he is the only reason I love Disney so much and it’s only because we share the same name that I became interested in the first place. 

Every year the Disney store has a special edition Mickey Mouse Plush (or Teddy) for Christmas with the year embroidered on his foot. I stumbled upon 2010’s Mickey by luck and a fun story. Nic was doing his usual trick of not wanting to go in any of the shops I wanted to go in (usually Paperchase, Body shop and the Disney Store) he then has to look at every item in the store and ‘coo’ and ‘ahh’  a lot. We were having one such visit to the Disney store when the manager invited to come to a ‘Lock in’ where we would receive extra discount and it was all in aid of charity. We made a friend go with us (which is lucky because as usual we bought too much to carry ourselves (in my defence mum it was Christmas presents) at the till they had a special offer on the Christmas Mickey and Minnie as a set but Nic’s Nephew wanted a Mickey for Christmas and so did I so the lovely staff let us have 2 Mickey’s and with my addictive personality (another) collection was born. We bought the 2011 Mickey at full price (which is too much if you ask me) and then in January it was reduced.

Once bitten, twice shy I decided I would wait until January to buy the 2012 plush. Unfortunately they had reduced Mickey in December and because I was so busy at work had not visited the store and they had sold out. Nic and I even asked our friends to look out for it; it wasn’t until he phoned a store that we discovered that it was out of stock in the whole country. :’(

Anyway...back to the Matter in Hand Trollbeads (Sorry for the ramble)

It has been a while since I made a new bracelet composition up and if I’m honest I’ve been lacking inspiration. It was while discussing my lack of 2012 Mickey on Facebook that looked again at my 2011 and 2010 Mickey’s and Inspiration struck.

I have created a green and red combo to match 2010 Mickey’s scarf. I’m not completely happy with this bracelet and I think it is because my red beads vary from Orange to Blood Red and the balance seems a bit funny. I’m going to post a picture of how it looks now and would welcome any ideas on how to change it. Also my green beads are a bit all over the place too.

The 2011 theme was blue and white and this came a lot easier for me. I just chose a few of my favourite beads and it seemed to make itself. I seem to be drawn to blue beads and have a lot more to choose from so I guess that may be why it was easier. If I was wearing a bracelet at Christmas this would have been the one I would have worn as it makes me think of winter ice.

Let me know what you think!x

Oh and I bit the bullet and bought 2012 Mickey from eBay USA for almost what it would've cost from here. But you live and learn and he should arrive soon!

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