Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Very special Hand Models.

This next post was going to be spread out, like the week where I got Nic to choose beads at random and then made a bracelet at the end of the week; but this is my 50th post, and very late, and the creations are just too brilliant to make you wait!

It was a lovely sunny day in Birmingham and with my newly packed out Trollbead Stacking Case (more on that to follow) Grace, my younger sister, and Joe, my younger brother were let loose with my whole collection! With only one brief moment of panic when some beads fell off the end of a bracelet it was really interesting to see what kind of things they would create.

I was intending to blog over a number of days about 3 or 4 beads that they had chosen and then show the bracelet they created with them. So here are the beads Grace chose:

Royal Orange, Beach, Green/Brown Jasper and Cool Dusk make up the glass beads, and a cheeky Non-Troll silver turtle made the cut.

Here is how she put them together:
 A very bright, sunny bracelet! Green/Brown Jasper, Amazonite, Cool Dusk, Green Rainbow, Italy World Tour Spaghetti, Unique, Turtle, Unique, Honey Dawn, Royal Orange and Beach!
This is a glass heavy bead, which I was expecting as Grace loves all things colourful! but I think the eclectic mix was a bit of a surprise. I really like it though!
A better view of the precious stones on the end.

Joe struggled to just choose 4 beads so he just made up a bracelet!
Working on a red/blue theme. He has gone with Unique, Libra and Sagittarius, Blue Bud, Rolling Wave, US World Tour Bead, Bee on Hive, Malawi Unique, Tower, Scarlet Bud, Dice and Whitecap.

The bracelet again, in reverse, using the lid of my case as a background. Joe is clearly a boy after my own heart with lots of bright red and (always a hint of blue) His creation is more even than Graces with an alternating combo.

It seems that Grace had enough time to make up another quick combo. And this I adore!! It's really rich without colour without being over the top. It also has a lot of Precious stones in it, which I love!

(L-R) Red Tigers Eye, Tormulated Quartz, Agate Dendritic, Amazonite, Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Horse, Feather, Angles Tip, Cool Dusk, Silver Trace - Gold, Inner Glow, Milky Way, Christmas Tinsel (2011)

I hope you have enjoyed this very special 50th Blog Post!


  1. Great bracelets! Really like the first one in particular :)

    Congrats on your 50th post, what a nice way to celebrate it... I think it was Grace's bracelet that I really liked last time.

    1. Thank you! She has a really good eye for colour combinations. I think it might have something to do with the 5000000000 (slight exaggeration) different colour nail varnishes she has and how she puts them together

  2. I love both bracelet. Could you tell me from where is the turtle? It has a letter B on top but I can't find it anywhere:(

    1. Hello! Sorry about the delay in replying.

      I am afraid the Turtle comes from an old collection from Beaverbrooks called 'Colours' they stopped the collection in 2010, but might be worth speaking to them to see if they could help you track one down?