Sunday, 9 June 2013

A mini post on the move

Nic and I are currently on the way to celebrate his mum's Birthday with a tea party (I'm hoping for Pimms) and I have made up a bracelet to match my outfit! I've tried this in the past and its not worked out quite as well as this one. I was so happy with the result I thought I should have an impromptu blog post!

I like the lopsidedness of the silvers on opposite sides, they were chosen on a whim, but the glass beads where chosen for their colour.

The Brown beads are a Red Jasper from 2011 Limited Edition Gemstones. A convention Jasper from the first UK Trollbead convention and a Red Tigers Eye. I only realised they were all gemstones once they were on, but I love the organic Brown colour they give.

The green beads are all glass. Christmas in Australia has browns in it too, so that works well. Kimono bead is the exact shade of my polo shirt and has a bird on it (my shirt has flying geese) and turquoise feather finishes this bracelet.

After a discussion with Mars, over at Curling Stones, expect a few on posts on the fly, like this!


  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned, I love Pimms!

    Great bracelet, isn't just fab when it all comes together, that happened to me last Saturday, one of those looks like it was all super planned :D

    Like your posting on the fly!

    1. We didn't have Pimms and Nic won't buy me any :( guess I'll have to buy my own!

      I love accidental perfect combinations!