Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New Spirituality Collection

It's finally here!

The people's bead 2012 winners with a Spirituality collection!

Sorry this blog is a bit late, but I wanted to see the beads before commenting on them.

Like a said before it is really different this year as instead of just one winner there is a whole group of them. The usual prize for the winner is their bead in gold. I wonder if that is still the case?

Lise Aagaard has also made a new Fantasy Necklace with Black Onyx on the bottom of it. From £113 - £151.

Black Onyx is a real power stone; it sharpens your mind and inspires you with natural authority. It helps its bearer make the right decisions, granting them clarity of thought and enhanced powers of concentration. Here it is on a beautiful Fantasy Necklace.
 There are 9 Silver Beads:

World Within. £26.
This is a cute little bead was designed by Linda Karuso from Australia. It is small bead but is growing on me as I look at it closer, is is shiny on the outside to reflect everything in the world. It is quite small and would look lovely if you have a collection of small beads like the hearts or hydrangea.

The shiny surface reflects the outward appearance of everything like a mirror. Inside you find the core, representing the search for inner meaning; the essence of spirituality.
 Feather. £26
 This bead was designed by Carolyn Brettell from Dorset! Yay!

There is a lot of detail to this bead you can't see in the pictures. It is round like the scrolls but smaller than small scroll.

In Native America, the feather is a symbol of spiritual ascension and evolution and is used by the chiefs to symbolise their ability to communicate with the spirit world.

This bead was designed by Yumi Shimizu from Japan and is particularly clever as you can wear the chain through the middle of the bracelet, or so it goes through from end to end of the bridge. The Lilly pads or leaves are very sweet on this one.

A beautiful garden gives you peace in your heart. Create your own spiritual garden by adding the beads you love around this bead.

This one looks a lot nicer than the picture! It was designed by Maria af Rolen from the United States. It is completely smooth all over, where I thought it was textured on one side. This bead is more the size of a £37 bead but because it is hollow is in price group one. Result!

No matter which way you turn this bead, you will always have a plus sign smiling up at you. A reminder to stay positive and focus on the good things in life.

This bead was designed by a Canadian, Kevin Powell. I'm afraid I've not seen this bead, so you will have to let me know what it's like!

The relationship between humanity and God. The crosses represent faith in God, the heart represents God’s love and the star represents the light of God.
This bead was designed by Silvia Lacurto from Italy. It is a bit smaller than Trollcoin in width and about the size of buttons in diameter. Would be best on the end of the bracelet because otherwise you can't see the detail on the side.

As for the Native Americans this bead catches your dreams. It holds on to the good dreams, while the feathers chase the bad dreams into the wind.
This bead is much much much cuter than it looks in the picture. It has a dragon facing either way so it doesn't matter if it spins on the bracelet. This bead was designed by Allan Bayer from Denmark.

In most ancient cultures, the dragon is seen as a friendly helper and a guardian of the great spiritual treasures. In China, the dragon is associated with a new beginning, growth and energy.
Rosary. £45
This bead was designed by a Italian lady called Elisabette Marini. It is rather an unusual bead is it has a small cross hanging from it. Not a big dangley bit like the pendants or the drops. Again this bead would look better on the end so you can see the detail on it.

A chain of ten small grains and a hanging Crucifix. The Ave Maria is a sweet lullaby, a song of praise by children for the Holy Mary.
Prayer. £51.
Again I haven't seen this bead but have already decided I love it! It is designed for the fantasy necklace but can be worn on the bracelet if you wanted to. It is designed to hold a bead in the top. I have noticed that all the pictures have the beads sat in the top of the Prayer bead wonky, as only small beads fit. This bead was designed by another Italian, this time a gent called Daniele Celani.
We are all different. We think, we do and we believe in different ways. But what is common for all cultures is the spirit. Customise this bead with the stone that most reflects your soul.  

There are also 2 glass beads in the collection.

This bead is designed by Marta Kubesova from the Czech Republic. This bead is made of colourless glass with 4 spirals on it which are designed to display and spread light.
For many, spirituality is connected with the light. Light is the beginning and also the end. Sculptured clear glass accepts and returns all rays of light. Just as our spirits do.
The last glass bead is the Chakra Colours. £35

This bead was designed by Jolanda J. Hos from the Netherlands. This bead is my third favourite bead in the collection (behind the Happy Dragon and Prayer) I'm not entirely sure how they made this bead with so many colours and details in it with lots of spirals too!

This glass bead combines the 7 chakra colours in one bead. The different energies are swirled together, so you always have the colour and energy you need.
In just over two weeks I hear Trollbeads have another special announcement! I'll be back when I have found an amazing bracelet or bead to show you.

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