Friday, 24 August 2012

1st Guest Contributor - Grace Frost!

So I have 2 guest contributers! The first one is my little sister Grace (she is 11!)
I told her all the names of the beads I have and she has made a really lovely bracelet, so I'll hand over to Grace...

My theme for this bracelet is world tour! I chose these beads because they show different parts of the world. I put the unity bead in the centre of the bracelet due to the fact that it represents everyone as one, working together. Either side of unity are the whitecap/ moon ocean glass beads as the ocean connecting our world! The World Tour beads I have used are: - Gnome, Sacred house, Viking Boat, Sydney Harbour, Star Spangled Bead and Love locks.


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  1. Hi Grace, you've used one of my favourites in there too, whitecap! I particularly like the idea behind why you've chosen the other beads to accompany the World Tour beads.