Saturday, 4 May 2013

This weeks purchases, thanks to Social Networks!

So, this isn't the combination from this weeks review posts, but I made up this bracelet for today's trip to the Museum and Art Gallery I was rather proud of my work and wanted to immortalise it here (so I could recreate it when I forget what it looks like!)

So last week Jools @JoolsJewellery posted a picture of their delivery of Royal Orange beads and after a quick conversation the very lovely Denise reserved their most sparkly bead for me and sent it from Bridgewater to Bristol for me to have :D It is very sparkly especially in natural light due to its 'Micro-Facets' (Thanks Jonathan for enlightening me to that expert term!)

The only issue I have with this bead is that its very bright and I don't have any other beads that are that orange, it's very bright. This doesn't matter when it is housed on my World Tour Bracelet, but I wanted to wear it to work and show it off. So I teamed it with some dark blue beads and wore it to work for a few days.

Then this week the lovely Zef alerted me to a sale happening at SWAG via the medium of Facebook. This gave me the chance to pick up the Chinese Zodiac Horse to go with my Limited Edition version, I didn't think I could get this bead much cheaper second hand, and I was being very good at stopping one bead!

This bead gave me the inspiration to pool all my Far Eastern themed silver beads into one combo. I put Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Horse, Chinese Zodiac Horse, World Tour Sacred House and World Tour Chinese Auspicious with Royal Orange, Orange Armadillo and Christmas 2011 Blue Tinsel and Throat Chakra. Add a few twists and were away!


  1. ah, you've made the right choice to put Royal Orange together with blue beads
    I love the Throat Chakra blue :)

  2. Really nice bracelet Mike, love how you've put all these beads together, great choices that work really well. Hadn't paid too much attention to the orange 'dillo before but it's definitely growing on me.

    1. I LOVE IT!! I wasn't sure to start with, but I reallu love it now! You need one :P