Sunday, 10 February 2013

Definitely worth the wait.

11 days before my 22nd Birthday I received my first ever Trollbead gift that wasn’t from Nic. My very dear friend since School Lorna gave me the Dice Bead. I got a bit too emotional about it and I think she was a bit bemused that such a small piece of silver could make me so happy! It was worth waiting 354 days!

This charm bead takes the shape of a dice. The perfect silver Trollbead for the one who aims high, takes risks, or likes a gamble, this charm is a symbol of lady fortune.

I do love the bead, but the thought that she had gone out of her way to look at all the beads and choose me one was really very lovely especially as she isn’t a Trollbead collector. I'm not sure I take risks, and I don't gamble. But for my 18th Birthday I bought Cluedo and we played that (we were supposed to go out but the weather was awful) so I think it represents that to me.

I have one gripe with the bead is that it is missing a couple of numbers where the bracelet goes through it (I’m not sure how you would get around this to be honest) the bead is price group one (£23) so is perfect for wearing every day, it sits nice and comfortably and I wear it almost all the time.

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